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Pig Marketing

Pig Marketing

You’re in Control
You select the marketing services and type of service you desire.
As an Agent acting for you, your success governs our actions.

We charge and disclose a piece-rate fee on any business we do for you. If we don’t handle any of your swine, you pay us nothing.

ISO/Feeder Pigs
At your discretion we will act as your Agent to sell ISO and Feeder Pigs, either spot cash or multi-year contracts. We create and manage the terms and paperwork. Before a deal is done, you okay the final details. We provide third party sorting and grading and control management of the premium/discount schedule so trades are fair. The transaction is transparent but the parties identities are kept confidential.

Butcher Hogs
Under your direction we will sell your Butcher Hogs. We sell to all major and minor US packers. We will arrange pricing, shipping, collection and payment. On your behalf and in your interest we’ll negotiate any dispute should one arise. We ACH the funds directly to your account and email you all the packer transaction detail. We provide quarterly pork performance reports online under password so you can benchmark your pigs performance against other pork producers. The performance is transparent, your name and the other producers names are kept confidential. 

Finishing Floors
We will assist in finding finishing floors for you, either to retain ownership of your pigs; or expand your operation to other areas or states. You will negotiate the terms; we’ll provide information. We have assisted Canadian producers in retaining ownership of pigs finished on floors in the US; and have provided both marketing and hedging services for these pigs. 

Our Motivation
This Association was created over 70 years ago to serve the interest of farmers and ranchers. We have a solid reputation because we do what we say we’re going to do.

Listings and Other Details
For ISO/Feeder Pig buy/sell listings and contact information on our Agents, see our website:FeederPigs.net.

For Butcher Hog marketing ‘how to’ and information on our Agents, see our website:PremiumPork.Net

Or just give us a call.

Call us at 800-318-5619

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